TestB4 is an automated testing system supported by the power of BDD (Behaviour Driven Development). TestB4 helps software teams to collaborate smoothly by enabling simple and readable scenarios free of cluttered technical details. The aim is to close the gap between developers and non-technical participants by creating an explicit common ground for different perspectives.


As software evolves rapidly, TestB4 ensures up-to-date stability in this agile environment. Continuous testing of the specs spots bugs as soon as they appear which avoids trouble and saves time. The system guides organizations to build products working cross browsers and mobile devices.

Throughout the process, development skills are not needed as plain English is just adequate. By using 250+ predefined steps and auto-complete features of the user-friendly editor, a variety of scenarios can be written easily and tested rapidly.

How TestB4 works?

  1. Create a new Git repository on your integrated Git server
  2. Write a new scenario using auto-complete
  3. Configure css / xpath selectors for the pages
  4. Run the test locally and inspect the results
  5. Team members can browse through the scenarios
  6. Schedule tests of any combination of projects & scenarios
  7. Observe results, errors and video recordings of previous tests

Why you should prefer TestB4?


Guides organizations build products that manage complex interactions of many users and devices.


Enables readable scenarios free of cluttered technical details.


Natively stores BDD scenarios on Git server, just like your source code.

Uses the power of BDD to help software teams collaborate smoothly. Closes the gap between developers and non-technical participants.
Helps easily write a variety of scenarios and test them rapidly. 
Requires no development skills as plain English is just adequate.
Ensures up-to-date stability in an agile environment. Spots bugs as soon as they appear which avoids trouble and saves time.
Supports writing custom cucumber definitions using 250+ predefined steps as java functions.


TestB4 smoothly fuzes into your existing workflow and coordinates with your accustomed tools. This approach helps stay in your workflow yet adjust properly.

2019 STATS

scenarios are tested every week

200+ users writing scenarios

20+ users coding custom steps

Many enterprises have already chosen TestB4.

One of the major banks in Turkey is using TestB4 for more than a year. The main banking applications including Windows Forms applications for cashier operations, web applications for credit reports and android & IOS applications for mobile banking are continuously tested using TestB4. 75+ business analysts are continuously adding scenarios for new features.

Another major bank in Turkey started using TestB4 this year for testing their new internal applications. Key challenge for testing these web applications was the many web services integrating with government agencies.

Other companies from finance, insurance and public transport sectors have been using core TestB4 libraries provided by Snapbytes for 4 years.

One of the largest telecom operators in Turkey has been using TestB4 for two years, testing two of their mobile applications with millions of users. The key challenge solved by TestB4 was describing scenarios involving complex interactions between multiple mobile devices.

Another major telecom operator in Turkey started using TestB4 this year for testing their CRM web application.

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